Nick Cardwell

VP of Innovation

Nick is a technologist/engineer/scientist who relishes solving challenging problems, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and developing products. Serving as Vice President of Innovation at MDI, his approach to digital transformation is centered around agile methods and open standards. Nick is intensely curious and subscribes to a lifelong learning mentality.

In the 10 years prior to joining McCord, Nick applied his technical expertise for energy, aerospace, medical device, and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. He spent 5 years in Silicon Valley, working for an innovative medical device development company (Novartis). During his tenure as VP of Engineering and Operations at Bractlet, Nick performed a key role in developing the company’s product offerings, which transformed real-time data collection into accurate investment predictions and prescriptive building operations.

As an undergraduate Nick attended the University of Texas at Tyler receiving a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with highest honors. After graduating from UT, he was accepted into the Virginia Tech College of Engineering graduate school. While there he specialized in the application and development of experimental technologies and methodologies. Nick graduated from VT with both a M.S. and PhD. and received the distinguished Paul E. Torgerson Graduate Student Research Excellence Award.

A collector of hobbies, Nick prefers to spend his free time outdoors with his wife whenever possible. He is a maker, sportsman, conservationist, woodworker, and amateur brewer. During his time in California, Nick was also inducted into the San Mateo Mounted Patrol, which is a long-standing organization of prominent area investors, politicians and entrepreneurs.